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Decorate Your Home With These Local Artists’ Work

by Nikki C

Looking to bring the beach to your home? These local artists on the Oregon Coast make a variety of nautical-inspired work that will add a splash to your home decor.

Jeffrey Hull Gallery

Cannon Beach artist Jeffery Hull creates stunning watercolors and oil paintings featuring Oregon’s coastal landscapes. His exclusive work is showcased in a downtown Cannon Beach gallery on the second level of Sandpiper Square. You can also order his prints, mini prints, lithographs, notecards, and books through his website

His painting Once Upon A Point, seen below, beautifully captures the view from the top of Chapman Point, looking south along the coastline towards Cape Falcon. Bird lovers and lighthouse fans will also find captivating watercolors such as Earful at Sunset and Cape Light available as a Giclèe Print on paper.

local artists
Decorate your home with these local artists’ work. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Hull – See more of his work in Cannon Beach and on his website.

Oregon Du Drops

Oregon Du Drops, created by Rockaway Beach artist James Du Bois, celebrates the beauty of Oregon rain in recycled light bulbs. According to his website, “Oregon Du Drops are not only considered beautiful, they are very meaningful to many and the closest thing to ‘Time in a Bottle’ that we know.”

Each Du Drop is engraved with the month and year that the rain inside them fell. Du Bois has been collecting and storing about a gallon of Oregon rain per month to use in Du Drops since October 5, 1999. Browse their rain cellar and you may be able to find rain from the same day or month as an important date in your life, such as when you or a loved one was born, graduated, got married, etc. This makes for a meaningful gift not available for sale anywhere else.

The bulbs are available in six sizes and various different styles. Custom orders are also available by request. View their latest collection on their website or in their gallery in Rockaway Beach.

local artists
Photos courtesy of Oregon Du Drops – Check out more on their website.

Steel Knight Designs

Gary Manos of Steel Knight Designs creates one-of-a-kind metal art to hang on your wall. Each piece is unique due to the cutting and grinding techniques he uses. While he creates designs featuring all subject matters, his coastal-inspired designs make the perfect addition to any beach home.

“All work is done by hand,” He explains on his website. “These are not stamped out nor are they produced with a water jet, laser cutter, or CNC (computerized machine) of any kind! I feel this makes each piece a true original and helps set my work apart from the others!”

Photo courtesy of Gary Manos – See more of his work on his website

Steel Knight Designs is showcased in several galleries along the Oregon Coast, including The Laughing Crab Gallery in Yachats. For more information, check out his website

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