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Visit Gracie’s Sea Hag, A Local Dining Favorite In Depoe Bay!

by Nikki C

In the small whale watching town of Depoe Bay, the main stretch of Highway 101 is filled with small nautical gift shops and a few cozy places to dine. You won’t find the same old fast food joints or corporate franchises out here—just a few local spots serving fresh seafood and more for residents and tourists alike.

One of these is Gracie’s Sea Hag, a local staple that is easily recognizable with their large sign out front and Sea Hag statue welcoming passersby on the sidewalk.

Gracie's Sea Hag
Gracie’s Sea Hag in Depoe Bay, Oregon. Photos via TripAdvisor

Gracie’s Sea Hag is best known for their clam chowder, made fresh from scratch and served in a cup, bowl, or bread bowl. Other foods from the sea include their oyster stew, local Yaquina Bay oysters baked and served with butter, various fish & chip options, and several seafood sandwiches including shrimp and crab melts, fish tacos, and wild caught Chinook salmon. In addition, they serve delicious entrees such as prawns, halibut, steak, and pasta dishes featuring crab, salmon, and more.

Though seafood is their specialty, Gracie’s Sea Hag also offers an impressive breakfast menu. Start off your morning with one of their egg dishes, such as oysters & eggs or just bacon & eggs, or treat yourself to a plate of pancakes, waffles, or French toast. They also serve various specialty dishes including eggs benedict, breakfast burritos, and biscuits and gravy, as well as a famous Bloody Mary to top it all off.

Gracie's Sea Hag
Try the clam chowder in a cup, bowl, or warm bread bowl Photo via TripAdvisor

Gracie’s Sea Hag is currently open for in door dining and take out.

They are open for take out/dine in from 8am to 8pm  7 days a week!

Live music 5-8 Saturday nights

Swing by and try them out at 58 US-101, Depoe Bay. You can view their full menu on their website and the latest updates on their Facebook page.

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