Home Insulation Co. — A History of Making a Difference in the Community

Home Insulation Co. was one of the very first insulation contracting companies started in the state of Oregon. This family owned and operated business began as Home Insulation Co. / Johnson Fuel in 1948. When the coal business diminished and Johnson closed, Phil Heidt, one of the original partners, became the sole owner of Home Insulation Co. and continued the insulation operations in Oregon.

They have a strong history of providing outstanding customer service all these years. This has aided their tremendous growth. From the original home office in Eugene, Home Insulation Co. now has branches in Medford (1956) and Florence (1980).

They specialize in insulation. It is their only business, not a sideline. Unlike other companies who employ subcontractors to install their insulation, all of Home Insulation Co.’s installers are company employees, committed to the success of the business as its success is tied directly to their future growth.

They have a team of well-experienced employees who average 15 years of insulation experience (this includes a couple who have worked there over 45 years). The tenure of their employees as well as their reputation in the community sets them apart from the competition.

Their installers are dedicated professionals committed to doing the job right the first time. Home Insulation Co. is licensed by the State of Oregon (CCB #84), bonded, insured, and all their employees are fully covered by workers’ compensation insurance. You can expect us to do business the right way!

I had the opportunity to speak with two of Home Insulation Co.’s workers on a job here this week where they helped me with insulating the attic and the walls of my home. Fernando, the lead worker, who has worked at Home Insulation Co. for over nine years, was very detailed and responsive to questions I had about the job. He spoke highly of the company, and you could tell he really cared about the work he was doing.

Both of these workers seemed like a great team and you could tell there was respect between the two as they helped one another through every step of the process.

Andrew, who’s worked at Home Insulation Co. for just over a year and has seven years of insulation installation experience under his belt, went on and on about Home Insulation Co. being the best company he has ever worked for. And he meant it. Not to just say it because he thought it was something I wanted to hear. You could tell he was proud of being part of the business and how he is treated there. That says a lot about the company.

Insulation makes all the difference  —  By insulating your home, you can reduce your monthly bills and maintain comfortable temperatures year-round.

Many homes built before 1975 didn’t have insulation installed in the exterior walls or under the floor. Uninsulated walls can cost homeowners and renters up to 12% extra on their heating bills and uninsulated floors up 30%.

50% to 70% of the energy used in an average American home goes into heating and cooling. About 20% is spent on heating water. On the other hand, lighting, appliances, and everything else accounts for only 10% to 30% of the energy used in most homes.

Unless your home is recently constructed with special attention to energy efficiency, adding insulation will probably reduce your utility bills. Most existing homes in the United States are not insulated and hence Home Insulation Co. is your go-to source for all your insulation needs. Keep your home comfortable throughout the year and reduce energy waste by installing insulation and sealing air leaks. 

Home Insulation Co. concentrates on serving the insulation needs of homeowners and home builders.

There are rebates or zero-percent interest loans to help with the cost that are provided by the local utilities so you can make your home more energy efficient. Call Home Insulation Co. for more details. 

There are many ways to help make sure you can get your home insulated. Here’s just a few utilities that Home Insulation Co. works with and can help assist you with in creating a more energy-efficient home for you:

Energy Trust of Oregon Insulation Incentives  —  Incentives are based on the type and utility services for your home. Energy Trust of Oregon, we can help you qualify for winterization payment incentives and state energy tax credits so that you can save money while improving the energy efficiency of your home.

EWEB  –  Offers Standard rebates and loans – If you are a customer and have electric heat as your primary heating system, you may be eligible for the program. A primary heating system serves more than 50 percent of the conditioned area of the home.

Central Lincoln PUD based in Florence has programs to help with insulating too.

You Can Find Your Utility In Oregon at this link for programs they may have:  https://www.oregon.gov/energy/energy-oregon/pages/find-your-utility.aspx

FOR MORE INFO: Call Home Insulation Co. today for a FREE estimate.  541-484-1733

Home Insulation Co.

Eugene Phone: 541-484-1733
Florence Phone: 541-997-7740
Medford Phone: 541-779-6609

EMAIL: homeinsulationestimates@gmail.com

WEBSITE: http://www.homecompanies.com

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