Start Your RV Adventure at Guaranty RV in Junction City!

By Sonia Isotov

Guaranty sells “Motorhomes, motorhomes, motorhomes…and trailers too”, a phrase made famous by Herb Nill in his TV and radio advertising. Started in 1966 by Herb Nill when he purchased a small-town Chevrolet-Oldsmobile dealership in Junction City.

Today, Guaranty RV has grown into a world-famous RV destination with over 750 RVs in stock every day. With over 300 employees, Guaranty RV pride itself on honesty, integrity, and providing the best experience possible whether looking, purchasing, or getting a vehicle/RV serviced.

Guaranty RV serves thousands of happy customers every year. Top 50 in North America for six years in a row. Guaranty will service any RV regardless if they were purchased at Guaranty or not. Many RVers travel from around the country just to use them since they are an authorized RV warranty repair station for all major brands. Online at

Guaranty is open seven days a week for RV Service and offers a special RV Trip Saver program. If the RV is unusable and a trip is in jeopardy, RVers can call Guaranty for a same-day appointment. They have more than 35 of the most experienced RV repair technicians in the industry and 56 service bays available to serve you including an RV Body Shop, and RV Travel Center stocked with an extensive selection of RV Parts and Accessories.

The Guaranty RV takes the worry out of the repair process with its state-of-the-art Body Shop. Their brand new, dust-free 55-ft heated paint booth can repair any RV, commercial or industrial vehicle, light, and heavy-duty fleet vehicle, marine craft, or ATV. (pictured) Experience and friendly technicians repair all domestic and Canadian RV makes and models.

Guaranty TV has a full-service campground for RVers coming from out of town, so customers can sleep in a coach at night while repairs are made by day. For those who are local to the area, Guaranty RV will provide pick-up and delivery of your unit.

Guaranty RV Super Centers
Location: 93636 HWY 99, Junction City, OR 97448
Phone: (541) 275-5780
Hours of Operations: M-F 9 AM – 6 PM, Sat 9 AM – 6 PM,
Sun 10 AM – 5 PM

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